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OSC In Multigrid and Timeline

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The OSC messages for Preset Change, Dice and Continuous Controllers for the VCS work when I program them in each sound. Wonderful!

When I put the sounds into a Timeline or Multigrid, the VCS Continuous Controllers do not work. I had them working using the NEL OSC controllers. I'm now trying to do this using OSC directly to my Kyma sounds.

Could someone lead me to the pages in the Kyma Manual where I can set these up correctly?

Here is a Multigrid example.


asked Feb 24, 2021 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by anne-la-berge (Adept) (2,170 points)

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Dear Anne,
I haven't looked at your multigrid example yet but the OSC commands work for me.
I use them in the All-Seeing-Eye mode of the VCS. As you know, there you can save all shared sound, mixer and instrument settings. In my case these OSC commands come from MaxForLive. So I can use the OSC commands Preset change, Dice and so on sequencer controlled.

You can find corresponding OSC commands for Kyma here:

Under "Controlling the VCS"
 there is the command /preset,i

where i stands for the number you need for the thing e.g. 125 for 2.5%Dice and 128 for full Dice.

In Max I then use the object prepend, to prepend for incoming numbers (e.g. 125) - in this case /preset (without comma). So the message /preset 125 can then be sent to Kyma via OSC. For this I use the udpsend object.



answered Feb 24, 2021 by knut-kaulke (Adept) (1,990 points)
edited Feb 27, 2021 by knut-kaulke
Thanks loads Knut.
I had a couple of issues running with how I wanted to send and receive the specific OSC messages.

Up and running strong now!
Thanks loads Knut!
I also use this for program change:

/vcs/map 131 <program number as float>
to send a program change for MIDI channel 1.
For other MIDI channels, use (channel - 1) * 256 + 131 for the first number. For example, for channel 11, you would use:
/vcs/map 2691 <program number as float>
Note that the first argument must be an integer and the second number a float.
Dice is:
/vcs/map 2453 128.
Program change for channel 10: (channel - 1) * 256 + 131 = 9*256+131 = 2435