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Downloading Kyma 7 Folder crashes at the end of install; Invalid Arguments

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I installed the Kyma 7+ Software onto my Windows 10 64-bit machine. When Kyma downloads the "Kyma 7 Folder," It freezes on "About 2 seconds remaining" and returns an "Invalid Arguments" error, featuring text I will post below.

I have tried installing to a different folder with no luck.

Kyma has trouble opening windows when I'm inside the software. Sometimes a tool like the spectral analysis will open with a "vcscomponentforevensourcenamed" error, but most of the time I click on functions (New, Open, Save, etc) in any of drop down menus from the top and nothing happens.

Suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!!

A portion of the error text:

Kyma encountered this unexpected condition:  Arguments invalid

This may have occurred due to a problem in one of your Sounds.
The following information is provided to help you track down the problem. If you continue to get this message after having made sure there are no problems in your Sound, please contact Symbolic Sound customer support for assistance.


KWin64Filename (class KWin64Filename class) received message #named: sent from
Filename (class Filename class) received message #named: sent from
'' (class UTF8String) received message #asFilename sent from
a KymaWin64Interface (class KymaWin64Interface) received message #userDirectory sent from
asked Mar 5, 2021 in General by kai-robinson (120 points)
Hi Kay-robinson,

You could try to install Kyma in another location. F.i. Desktop. Make a folder there.
After installment Kyma will start up properly.
Close Kyma. Go to the other Kyma folder. I think in Documents.
Delete this folder first and then place the Desktop Kyma folder in Documents.
Start up Kyma and it will ask for An Overview.kym. Go to the Documents/Kyma folder/Kyma Sound Library and pick the file.
Hello Roland! Thank you for your response.

I've tried installing both Kyma and the "Kyma 7 Folder" to a variety different folders including the Desktop and I am still receiving the same error.
Hi Kay, I'm sorry to hear this as I assumed the problem was in your directory.
Please contact Symbolic Sound Carla or Kurt.
I hope you will run Kyma a.s.a.p.!

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