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Timeline acces memory writer at a later time?

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Hi! Is there a way of accessing a memoryWriter in the Timeline in a situation where the sound has "stopped" i.e. the Timeline got to a point where playback is past the memoryWriter's end time.


I want to return to the material that I record at the beginning of a Timeline, but I don't want to have the sound taking up resources when it is not playing. I understand that I could do this by volume automation, but I need the Proccessing power in other sounds.

Is it even possible?
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asked Mar 10, 2021 in Using Kyma by anssi-laiho (Adept) (1,150 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, you can refer to the memory written to by MemoryWriter later in the Timeline, after the MemoryWriter is no longer capturing audio. For example, if you write into memory named 'capture1', you can read from that memory any number of times in Sounds scheduled to start later in that track (for example, using a Sample, SampleCloud, or other memory-reader with the "FromMemoryWriter" checkbox checked).
answered Mar 11, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)
Lovely! I'll look in to it and see what was the issue that made it not work... good to know that it's doable.
For each track containing Sounds that should share memory; right click (or Ctrl + Click) on the track name to bring up the track menu and select Sharing Memory Writers ON.
My problem was, that I was trying it by copy pasteing a sound that was a modification of your live-looper example that syncs to beats (can't remember the name). There was a lot to clean out, that I didn't need in order to replay the samples. A funny way to work just to keep the presets. But now it's all working well. It's a really nice way of making things repeat later on in my piece! I must use this more in the future!
I got it to work, but it seems not to work as expected? If I have a memoryWriter and a sample on the same track on my timeline, they still require the "Shared Memory Writers ON" setting in order for the sample to get access to the buffer. Just checking if there is a bug?
No, you're correct, "Shared Memory Writers" should be set to On whenever you want different Sounds to access shared memory in a Timeline (even when they are in the same track; I will edit the earlier comment to correct that. Thanks!)