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simple BPM delay question

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I have been trying to build a BPM driven delay for the CA tool.

Right now, my sound is a 2-step sequencer driven by a tool with a wildly variable BPM.

The tool generates 48-step frames, updateing the sound 2-steps at a time, until it reaches the final step, and then a new frame is created.

I would like to have a delay that is 48-steps offset. So all of the sound generated by 1 frame of the tool is played again at a softer volume and synchronized precisely with the next frame.

I can't decide if I should use "write to Capy RAM" or Delays, but I end up getting tangled similarly with both. Maybe I should build a global sequencer to embed the CA frames in? I think I'm confused by the difference between {1 bpm: !BPM} and !BPM, and that sometimes !BPM / 8.0 is slower, and other times !BPM * 8.0 is slower. Am I deviding 120-BPM by 8 = 15-BPM? or am I dividing the Beat into 8 smaller sections = 980-BPM...

I think I want every 48th beat of the !BPM clock to start a new recording and play an old recording... or have a delay that is 48 beats of the !BPM long... The trigger for the recording, playback, or delay, would be the 0th step of the sequencer. Maybe I don't need the BPM at all and I should just trigger the recording/playback from the tool.


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asked Aug 1, 2015 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by kristin-grace-erickson (180 points)
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