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Can an additional power supply be purchased?

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Hello, just checking the Accessories page on the site shows that a power supply isn't offered separately at the moment, but is this possible please?

Hope you're all well!
asked Mar 17, 2021 in General by ar-hodgson (180 points)
Hey ar-Hodgson, I am also looking for another power adapter. Unfortunately, it seems the unit recommended by SSC is out of stock everywhere. Please let me know if you find it somewhere else!
Hey christian, seems like it’s in stock for me in the UK at Farnell. Just made an order anyway :)

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Here are some links to where you can purchase an external power supply:

answered Mar 18, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
selected Mar 18, 2021 by ar-hodgson