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How to change the range of a CapyTalkToSound without losing the sample rate interpolation?

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Hi everyone,

If I put !PenX in the value field of a CapytalkToSound and change the range in the VCS to be 0 to 4 then I get values for !PenX that have linear interpolation at the sample rate, correct? When I copy/paste the CapyTalkToSound into the value field of a SoundToGlobalController the GeneratedEvent doesn't follow the 0 to 4 range, instead it stops at 1 despite the GeneratedEvent having the same range 0 to 4 in the VCS. If CapytalkToSound only outputs between -1 to 1 why then would I see !PenX go past 1 (even if I changed the range) before pasting the Sound in the SoundToGlobalController?

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!
asked Mar 26, 2021 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by will-klingenmeier (Adept) (1,270 points)

1 Answer

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!PenX itself can be in the range (0,1), but, as you've already noticed, the output of the CapytalkToSound is in the range (-1,1). What you are seeing the VCS is actually the controller !PenX (and not the signal output of the CapytalkToSound which is not visible in the VCS). You could paste the CapyTalkToSound into the SoundToGlobalController and multiply it by 4, for example:

[capyToSound] L * 4

in the Value field of the SoundToGlobalController.

Or you paste the CapytalkToSound directly into the parameter field where you're using it and muliply it there.
answered Mar 27, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (124,560 points)
Thanks for the swift reply! I wondered if we weren't seeing the signal output in the VCS...I'm familiar with doing the arithmetic in the Value field of the SoundToGlobalController, but is there any benefit to having the CapyTalkToSound interpolation before it is being pasted? In other words, would it sound different to just putting !PenX * 4 in the Value field of the SoundToGlobalController? Thank you-
You could try using
4 * !PenX smoothed
in the SoundToGlobalController (or directly in the parameter field where you are using the result).
Will do (literally). Thanks!