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Sample replacement freezes Kyma 7+ ???

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Twice I had this issue:

while tweaking parameters in sound editor window, I would want to replace a sample from different than Kyma samples folder, and so I'd press "floppy disk" icon, choose one of my own samples (.aiff format), press "accept" , press "spacebar" . Immediately cursor changes into "tiny clock" (with hands not moving, by the way) and that's when the whole system just freezes. The cursor still looks like "tiny clock" ; I can move windows around, but cannot close 'em, Kyma does not react to "Kill DSP" command. Mac OS performance monitor shows that Kyma's CPU performance is up to 100%, although Pacarana's DSPs stay way down, as if nothing is going on... And so I have to use "force quit" option in Mac performance monitor...

Is this normal ( which I personally think isn't) ? What could be the culprit? (I really hope it isn't me:)

Thanks in advance, SSC
asked Apr 16, 2021 in General by usedequipment (190 points)
edited Apr 16, 2021 by usedequipment
Could you please attach the file you tried to select to an email and send it to us so we can have a look? Thanks!
well, surprisingly enough, so far everything works fine. If this happens again, i'll send you an email with the mischievous sample. But thanks anyway, SSC!

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