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Auditioning scale functionality in Design Alternate Tuning tool seems to be broken

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Hello SSC


Opening the Design Alternate Tunings tool now seems to lack  the  ability to audition.  Ive tried the supplied sonic options and selected  samples from the library with the same results.  Midi Key data is being received ( according to the DSP status window and the 'show midi messages' feature) and other KBD sounds respond fine to my controller set up.   Ive also tried using the Fake keyboard with no succes.  Its been a while since Ive used this tool is there a setup feature thats ' newish' that Ive overlooked for routing MIDI to tools?  Or am I missunderstanding the manual, insofar as, the sound source selection is the choice for auditioning the tunings for the 'sound' that is created from the tool?

Kyma 7.38F0 (sorry typo previously)latest firmware

asked Apr 21, 2021 in Using Kyma by rafe-mcdonald (Practitioner) (440 points)
edited Apr 21, 2021 by rafe-mcdonald

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Hi Rafe,

First create an alternative tuning by using Ratio scale | Cents scale etc.

You can use equal, just and Pythagorean as well.

At the right you see Create Example. Do that!

Click the example and play your Midi-keyboard or Fake one.
answered Apr 22, 2021 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
Thank you Roland

I had it in my memory that it is possible to audition the settings while still active in the tool( without having to create the sound) in order to refine the ratios before 'printing' the array/ sound.  The manual states the keyboard is always active in  the tool - pg 205.

Hi Rafe, you are right, it should work.

Best, Roland
Yes, we're trying to track down why it stopped working. (It loads the Sound, but something has changed with respect to MIDI keyboard control). In the meantime, Roland's suggestion to click Create Example is a workaround.
Thanks Rafe & Roland!
Thanks Carla and Kurt
Thanks Carla & Kurt!
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Hi Rafe and Roland,

We have tracked down the problem in the tool and have uploaded a corrected version. Please use Check for software updates from the Help menu in Kyma to download and install it.

Thanks for pointing this out!

answered Apr 24, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)
Great it is working, thank you C+K! It was Rafe who found this error.
Ohh I missed your post.  Thanks so much for the quick fix - fantastic!