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The "Action" menu is greyed out and unresponsive...

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Ok, here is another strange thing I've been seeing lately. The Action menu greys out when I open a sound file window. If I quit Kyma and restart it, the "Action" menu becomes available again, but as soon as I open another sound file window, the menu greys out... Does it look familiar? 

I gotta mention though that I've recently switched from Mac OS El Capitan to PC with Windows XP, and therefore my version of Kyma is 7, not 7+ . It seems to be a bit more stable than the 7+ version on Mac, but still, this little quirk with "Action" menu bothers me, naturally. Is there a keyboard shortcut to make the "Action" menu active again? 

asked May 1, 2021 in Using Kyma by usedequipment (190 points)
Ok, here is an update:
As soon as I restarted my computer, Kyma 7 works fine again, and no greying out happens... Is it something normal?  Is the "re-starting" option the only one available to fix issues like that?
On Win 10 here. If Kyma opens with no sound I see the Action menu. Only the Find prototype is highlighted the rest is grey. When opening a sound, the action menu shows all. That's normal. 7+ here.

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"Is it something normal? "

No, the Action menu should never be disabled (however most of the options in the menu are active only when a Sound is selected; could this be what you're seeing?)

If possible, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version of Windows (ideally Windows 10) or macOS (10.13 or newer).

We haven't experienced any instabilities. Maybe there is a problem with the installation of XP on your computer?
answered May 2, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (124,560 points)