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Should any fan be idle ?

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Yes, the question is a bit crude, but there is one thing that concerns me:

it so happened that I looked at the top of Pacarana while testing some patch, and I was surprised to see only three out four fans spinning. Do fans spin only if  processors underneath them are busy, or should they spin anyway? I am now worried whether my beloved Pacarana needs to see a doctor?
asked May 28, 2021 in Hardware & Interfaces by usedequipment (190 points)
retagged May 28, 2021 by usedequipment

1 Answer

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Each fan in the Paca(rana) turns on or off in response to the temperature of its processor. If a particular processor is carrying out a lot of computation, it will get hot and the fan will turn on. Once the fan has cooled the processor sufficiently, the fan will turn off.

If you would prefer the fans to stay on all the time, you can turn on the "Always Run Paca(rana) Fans" option in the Performance Preferences in Kyma.
answered May 28, 2021 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
Thanks so much, SSC!!