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Looking for more documentation on the Tau editor?

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This is not I a question I need answering anymore but I have been looking and finally found it today.  I thought I'd post it for others : 




asked Sep 4, 2021 in Using Kyma by rafe-mcdonald (Practitioner) (430 points)
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As a follow up to my Tau editor explorations  I have a few questions:


1) is there a way to make the Right channel of a stereo Psi analyses file visible and editable independantly of the Left?


I managed a realy nice analyses of a stereo sample file (with some inharmonic partials)  but there were some frequency envelop sections that needed some edits on the best parameter settings for that sample but now the frequency edits that I made on the Left channel now create distinct sonic  differences from the Right.  on one note the Left channel pops out of the soundfield and the pitch differences between the two channels are significant.  I suspect that the Analysed frequency envelops are different between the two channels and my edits have emphasized that rather than consolidating the pitches closer to the 'sounded note'.  


2)  Is there a way edit pitch envelops by keying in the values, for individual or multiple anchors, on known notes/frequncies?


answered Sep 5, 2021 by rafe-mcdonald (Practitioner) (430 points)
edited Sep 5, 2021 by rafe-mcdonald
Hi Rafe, if you double-click the .R.psi file in the Finder, it will open the PSI file editor, and ask if you want to link the associated .L.psi channel (you can uncheck the box if you want to edit just the right channel file).
Yay!! Awesome!  Thanks Carla and Kurt
I notice the key commands and editing key strokes are different-> option click doesn't add an anchor and clicking and dragging doesn't move the envelop.   Is there any way other than nudging to move the envelop up or down and is there an alternative for adding anchor points.
You can re-analyze a file in the Psi editor. However, you cannot modify its envelope shapes; that can be done only in the TAU editor.
Thanks Carla  Ive got really close to correcting the frequency envelop challenges with a work around strategy.  Ill send an email with an attached file as I have a couple notes that are not 'behaving' and I love any suggestions if there's another alternative strategy to get the last few glitches out of the tau file
One other question regarding some Icons in the Anchor bar.

what do the : a) teal blue and purple flags designate
                      b) blue and fuchsia ' quarter notes' designate