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Does ImageDisplay work in Windows?

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If I run the default ImageDisplay sound, I get the indexed set of Eiffel tower images. Any attempt to load  different image(s) from the harddrive, including the default eiffel01.png, gives an error:

I also get this message when returning to the Kyma window.

asked Sep 25, 2021 in Sound Design by jcsveth (160 points)
Can you please copy/paste the contents of the Images parameter field into a comment here? It sounds like it could be a typo in the syntax.
I found that if I start from scratch (when first starting Kyma), the ImageDisplay works as intended but once I load a sound that has an invalid path for the images, any sound with ImageDisplay in it from then on (until Kyma is restarted) will give the above error even if the path has been corrected. This was happening as I was opening sounds from my Apple computer into Kyma running on my Windows computer - the paths are obviously not the same and so it would cause that sound and all other sounds using ImageDisplay to throw the same error.

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Just tested here on W10. No problems.

Make sure they are all 'png' files.

I have a folder with only  png files and pasted the first file into the ImageDisplay like this:

{'c:\----\----\Documents\Kyma 7 Folder\Roland Kuit Png\1 small step.png'

I saved this .kym file.

Then I removed the png folder and put this on my desktop.

Closed Kyma, opened Kyma and went to the saved ImageDisplay file.

The images were found without problems.

I have the idea that you are missing a deleted png file?
answered Sep 30, 2021 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
edited Oct 3, 2021 by roland-kuit