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Is this a newly created bug? VCS refuses to launch (play) sound with proper default values

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I use !BC (!cc02) from my wind controller to control a lot of things in Kyma. (It's set up in my Global Map.) In those sounds, I always create a default preset with !BC = 0. Lately those sounds will lauch with !BC = 0.5, which is no good. Not all the time, but once it starts, happening, it happens with all the sounds controlled by !BC. I have tried reprogramming the default and even populated preset menu with multiple versions of the of presets all with a !BC default of zero. No luck. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Has anyone else had this problem?

It really is imperative that these sounds launch with !BC at zero. Otherwise it's a total mess ... and potentially even hearing health hazzard. Today the problem cause a such a loud sound to blast through my headphones that I decided to call it a day. Then when I tried to quit the program it got hung up while displaying the message "saving preferences," so I had to force-quit the Kym app.

I kinda doubt these two things are closely related, but maybe ...

Follow-up: I restarted and relauchning Kyma later it day and now they are working okay. Hmmm.... Always difficult to troubleshoot a problem that is intermittent.
asked Jan 30 in Using Kyma by mark-phillips (Practitioner) (890 points)
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On what MIDI channel does the wind controller send its continuous controller? Are you using it in a Timeline or is this with a Sound on its own? If it's in a Timeline, can you double-check the MIDI channel assignment of each track in the Timeline?
I always send MIDI data from the EWI on channel 1. I think it's *mostly* been an issue with individual sounds.

P.S. Thanks for adding the option to scale the default text size in the Sound Editor parameter field. Even simply going to 125% makes all the difference in the world. :-)

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I had the same problem a year or two back, but only when using a wifi connection with the computer running Kyma, with the Pacarana wired by ethernet to the wifi router. Every control on the VCS would often revert to the default of its named type, and most would be 0.5 of course.

Going back to an ethernet connection straight to the computer sorted it out. May not be applicable here but mentioning just in case it's helpful.
answered Jan 31 by frozenreeds (Practitioner) (450 points)
Interesting,  That's exactly the same VCS behavior I'm having at times. I use a wired Ethernet connection, but it does run through an Ethernet hub. When/If it pops up again I'll try going straight from computer into the Pacarana. As little as I print these, it would cause too much hassle. ;-)
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Are you using STGC? I think generated hot values start at 0.5 when generated this way. There is a post somewhere here showing how you can use a local time = 0 seconds to reset them to 0 upon loading. (I may be remembering incorrectly)
answered Jan 31 by ghood (Adept) (2,960 points)
I don't know what STGC stands for (Internet search was not helpful and references to it here in this forum did not help wither). So ... I actually don't know if I'm using any, but I would assume not, unless it is a new default setting/program of some sort.
Sorry. STGC = sound to global controller (where you’re turning a sound in your flow to a hot value).
Edit: though if your problem is intermittent then it suggests something else.
Ah ... yes. I do use SoundToGlobalController. I'll check to see if that explains the any part of the problem. I do remember that it when I first wrote about this matter the problem was happening in situations where no STGC was present. Thanks!