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Kyma X Revealed -- FILE NOT FOUND

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New user here. Went to HELP and nvaigated to KYMA X REVEALED. Got a "File not found" error.

So went to the /documents folder and drilled down into /Kyma 7 under /documents and then searched for "Kyma X Revealed.pdf" and it came right up, but not where the Kyma program expected it to be, apparently.

The pdf  file is installed under /Documents/Kyma 7 Folder/Documentation.  The Kyma program seems to have expected the pdf to be under  file:///c/User/Bobby/Documents/Kyma

This is probably because Carla upgraded the software to Kyma 7+ and the new installed folder has been renamed Kyma 7  instead of Kyma. So it might be a good idea to add a script to detect whether Kyma 7+ has been installed, then direct the program search under

file:///c/User/Username]/Documents/Kyma 7/Documentation/*.pdf

Barton McLean's tutorials are fantastic. Carla's Kyma X Revealed looks like it has a treasure trove of info. Looking forward to exploring it--
asked Mar 26 in Using Kyma by brian-mclaren (140 points)
Thanks, we're looking into this.

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