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Triggering the vcs dice with OSC

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This is my first post in the Q&A forum :)

I'm wondering if there is a way to trigger the vcs dice via OSC?

I'm working on a project intergrating Kyma with Touch Designer and it would be great if I could send a gate out of Touch via OSC to trigger the dice. I'm having no problems sending gates to trigger everything else, just the dice as you obviously can't right-click "learn" it.

asked Apr 3, 2022 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by cody-scarff (120 points)
edited Apr 3, 2022 by cody-scarff

1 Answer

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You can find the information about Kyma OSC implementation here:

It should be something like "/preset 128"

answered Apr 3, 2022 by explodingtickets (Adept) (1,340 points)
Thanks! I'll take a look.
Thanks Eckard & Cody,
It's under the heading "Controlling the VCS" (where you might find additional controls that could be useful as well)