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Triggering things with midi notes

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Is there an easy way to trigger things with midi notes. For example for a drum machine, where you trigger a BD with a C4 (60) and a snare with C#4 (61). I tried using '!KeyDown * !KeyNumber eq: 60' for my C4 trigger, but that means that it chokes or inhibits other notes coming at the same time.
I also tried using the learn function in the VCS, but that doesn't respond to midi notes, only CC's.

Is there a sound, prototype or a capytalk trig that could be used to let me use midi notes for individual triggers?
asked Apr 27, 2022 in Using Kyma by anders-skibsted (Adept) (1,320 points)

1 Answer

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Where are you using the trigger expression; is it in a Multisample? Or do you have a Mix of Samples, each of which has its own Trigger expression? If each Sample has its own trigger expression, then

!KeyDown gateWhen: (!KeyNumber eq: 60)

should work. If you are using it in a Multisample, you'd want to both select a sample and trigger it. For example, if you had two samples, 'BD' (triggered by 60) and 'snare' (triggered by 61), then you could select the sample using the Index parameter field:

!KeyNumber - 60

and gate it using the Gate field


answered Apr 27, 2022 by ssc (Savant) (122,020 points)
I'm trying to trigger envelopes for oscillators.
So if I try to trigger two or more at the same time only one will fire.
And if I trigger two very shortly after the other one will choke the one that came just before it
Sounds like you may need polyphony? Are the enveloped oscillators in a MIDIVoice with polyphony set to the maximum number that could be triggered (or overlap) at any one time?
I think I do need to look into polyphony. I have four drum voices, that each consists of different chains of a few oscillators, all four voices have a different arcitechture. Do I need to make each voice polyphonic or do I need to make it all in one big polyphony? Which prototypes should I look into? Is it the Replicator for non-keyboard polyphony?
I solved by putting a Midivoice prototype on each of my drum voices, and restricting them to the specific note I want to trigger them. Now I've got plenty of polyphony!
Thank you for the assistance