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Oscilloscope InitialSweepFreq

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I hope we will see us again soon, too muh time without a KISS :(.

I wouuld like to change the InitialSweepFreq parameter of the Oscilloscope DIsplay with an HotValue.

would it be possible?

I tried to use a script with a green variable but I got a message about #bitShift not understood by EventMax class.


asked May 29 in Using Kyma by domenico-cipriani (Master) (3,090 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately no; that's the value for the initial sweep only and it is not updated while the Sound is playing. The InitialSweepFreq sets the width of the oscilloscope display; is that what you'd like to set? Or would you like to control the rate of triggering?
answered Jun 1 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
yes, it is the InitialSweepFrew that I would like to set. it would work like a zoomIn/zoomOut parameter.