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Oscilloscope InitialSweepFreq

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I hope we will see us again soon, too muh time without a KISS :(.

I wouuld like to change the InitialSweepFreq parameter of the Oscilloscope DIsplay with an HotValue.

would it be possible?

I tried to use a script with a green variable but I got a message about #bitShift not understood by EventMax class.


asked May 29, 2022 in Using Kyma by domenico-cipriani (Master) (3,110 points)

1 Answer

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Unfortunately no; that's the value for the initial sweep only and it is not updated while the Sound is playing. The InitialSweepFreq sets the width of the oscilloscope display; is that what you'd like to set? Or would you like to control the rate of triggering?
answered Jun 1, 2022 by ssc (Savant) (125,820 points)
yes, it is the InitialSweepFrew that I would like to set. it would work like a zoomIn/zoomOut parameter.