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Is there a Kyma equivalent of this new Max object called 'what~' ?

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From the Cycling'74 website:

"Free your rhythms with the simple yet powerful  what~ object. Give it a list of floating-point values between 0. and 1. to get impulse signals out when the incoming ramp passes through those values."


asked Jun 14, 2022 in General by thom-jordan (Practitioner) (800 points)
edited Jun 14, 2022 by thom-jordan

1 Answer

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Sounds like something you could do with Capytalk tripWires:. For documentation, open the Capytalk Reference from the Help menu (or Ctrl+H) and search for trip.

answered Jun 15, 2022 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
'tripWires:', yes! It's exactly what I've been needing to use for awhile now. Thanks!