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Issues with aggregated devices on Macbook Pro m1 OSX 12.6.1 & Motu Microbook IIc/Ultralite mk5

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First I thought it had to do with the new Ultralite mk5 not being listed as supported (yet, in general it works).

However, I get the same result with the listed Microbook IIc

I created an aggregated device (Pacamara & Motu) and run the Pacamara in USB Host mode.

If I close Kyma and Ableton and disconnect the aggregated device once and want to connect it again. (My music desk is in a different room), I need to restart my computer. If I don’t restart, kyma 7++ will not find the Pacamara (see screenshot below). I thought it would be an issue with the aggregated device, however it is seen fine in the audio settings and in Ableton, it is just that Kyma will not find it unless I restart the computer. Once I do, all works fine again. Btw, I always start Kyma 7++ first, so it is not locked by Ableton. Also, I removed all traces of Motu software.

Is this a limitation of what to expect of aggregated devices (it shows up fine in Ableton) and how Kyma sees these?


asked Nov 20, 2022 in Hardware & Interfaces by rene-margraff (120 points)
Hello Rene, what procedure do you use to disconnect and reconnect the aggregate device? Do you delete the aggregate and then recreate it?
by disconnecting I mean physically unplugging the cables, then plugging them in again when I am back at my music desk. I have re-created the aggregate device before but it would really not be a good workflow if that would be necessary. Maybe there  is "a safe way" of disconnecting an aggregated device that I have been ignorant of?

Edit: All devices are connected via an Anker usb hub c with network adapter
Are you turning off the Pacamara before disconnecting your laptop from the hub? Thanks!
Yes, I do. If I do not disconnect and switch back on, Kyma 7 finds the aggregated device. If I disconnect, then connect everything back again, the aggregated device shows up fine, but Kyma 7 throws the above error message, however I checked and in Ableton the aggregated device shows up fine. For me, if I restart it also does not make a difference which program I start first (Kyma or Ableton).
(I am just mentioning this as I have seen reports related to Bitwig and Cubase.)

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