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Sample Rate change proper procedure

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Hi all,

I'm having some minor issues with Sample Rate change.

My Pacamara is connected to my Metric Halo 2882 3d via SCP.

The SR change in Kyma is correctly mirrored by a SR change on the 2882

If I stop the Sound, change SR then start it again (space) the pitch changes.

If I stop the sound and close the VCS and then select the Sound and play it back sometmes I get the correct pitch and sometimes is "wrong".

The best results I get when I stop, change SR then  "initialize DSP" from the DSP menu.

Is this the correct procedure?

asked Jan 11, 2023 in Using Kyma by georgina (Practitioner) (860 points)

1 Answer

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After changing the sample rate, one should recompile the Sound (Ctrl+Space) so it computes everything according to the new sample rate. It's not necessary to reload the Pacamara.
answered Jan 11, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
Thanks for the answer.
I can replicate the behaviour you describe but only to a certain extent. Also I get different output levels for different SR, see below.

I get different results depending on where I click after I change the SR.
I need to click somewhere (after I change the SR) to bring back the focus on the Sound, otherwise the command ctrl+space won't have any effect.

I'm using the "granular bell bckwd/fwd time stretched" Sound from the Library.

If I click on the VCS and recompile I get the wrong pitch, if I click on the Sound (in the browser or in the Sound file window) and then recompile I get the right pitch.
If I click on the Sound Editor window and recompile I get the right pitch.

Also If I use the highest SR (192k) the level of the Sound is at least 6dB higher than the other SR and the output is heavily clipped.

Am I doing something wrong?

That's correct; to recompile, bring the selected Sound window to the front (for example, the Sound editor or the Sound Browser). When the VCS is the focus, "Compile, load, start" is not shown as an option in the Action menu (so the shortcut Ctrl+Space does not recompile).

Yes, it's true that the SampleCloud level increases with higher sample rates. This is because, on each sample, there is a random chance for a new grain to start. So as the sample rate increases, the number of simultaneously sounding grains can also increase. In this particular example, you can adjust the level by reducing the value of the Density fader.
Oh thank you, the sample rate/density relation is very interesting!
Is there a particular reason why Sounds cannot be recompiled with the VCS in focus? Sometimes the VCS window can be pretty big and it is brought to front when playing a sound, it would be great if one wouldn't have to move it out of the way to recompile.. just a thought.. ;-)