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Pacamara Midi Latency in 44.1 only

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Hi all,

No problem with 48000, Midi latency is excelent, but when I change to 44100 Herz (and sometimes I have to) midi latency becomes a real problem, impossible to work with.

Other parts of my studio behave with no problem at all, concerning midi, when changing between sample rates.

I use Kyma in an aggregate mode on a Imac.

asked Jan 16 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by raviv-gazit (150 points)
Raviv, are you using Drift correction when you define the Aggregate?
Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I use Drift correction both for the Pacarama and the Audio Interface (Eventide 8000FW). I tried with Drift Correction on only one of them to no avail.
I tried with the Eventide as the clock source and also with the Pacamara as the clock source. Same problem.
(Also, When I change the clock source on the DSP Status it says always "Internal")
So, what can be done?
Thank you!
Hi Raviv, We are trying to replicate your setup but suspect that this may be due to the macOS (and/or other apps running on the Mac) increasing the buffer size in order to do sample-rate conversion (from 48 to 44.1). Are you sending MIDI->Pacamara, synthesizing sound on Pacarama, then listening to the sound through app(s) on the Mac? If so then it may be the audio signal (triggered by MIDI) that is delayed, rather than the MIDI itself. Could you please describe the routing and software you are using? When you change the SR are you changing it in Audio MIDI Setup? Or are you changing it in each app? Thanks!

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