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OSC receiving and scaling

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I am sending OSC from Max and would like to send hz data to control various oscillators and filters. I've made a simple example and am uploading a PDF with screenshots.

When I send what I would like to be hz via OSC I need to scale the data between 0. and 1. rather than sending something like 262 or 440. 

Could someone point me in the direction where I can deepen my Kyma knowledge as far as receiving and interpreting OSC messages?


asked Feb 8, 2023 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by anne-la-berge (Adept) (2,170 points)

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Hi Anne, If you have Max tell Kyma that it is sending "raw" OSC, then you can send any values without rescaling:

/osc/receive_raw,i 1

If you would like to receive raw data from any external source and do the scaling inside Kyma, have that external source send “osc/receive_raw” with an integer 1 tell the Pacamara not to scale the values. Then you can change the min/max range of the fader in the VCS to properly display the values you’re receiving from the outside world.
To turn off this mode, send osc/receive_raw with 0 as the argument.


answered Feb 8, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (127,140 points)
selected Feb 22, 2023 by anne-la-berge
Thanks so much! This solves a few years worth of pondering and creating work-arounds. I'm sure it's in the manual. Maybe it would be useful to put it here:
Thanks, Anne, we'll do that!
Nice. Thanks.
For anyone following this thread, it may be useful to note that:
"If you would like all OSC messages from a specific OSC source to be used directly without scaling by Kyma, send a message from the source to the Pacamara or Paca(rana) in the form: “/osc/receive_raw,i 1“, where “/osc/receive_raw” is the OSC message address, “,i” is the argument-type list (in this case, it is a single integer), and “1” indicates that subsequent OSC message values should be used raw (unscaled)."
Needs to be sent each time the Pacamara is turned back on and the OSC connection is established between the software sending the messages to the Pacamara.