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Kyma 7++ ethernet connection - 2023 Redux

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I am unable to connect Pacarana to my computer (MacBook Pro) via Ethernet (Port B), and I recall that some users were having this problem in 2021 using OS Mojave and Big Sur. I am using OS 13.0.1 (Ventura), and have not had this connectivity issue before. I already switched ethernet cables in case there was a cable issue. Still, I get the "Turn on or connect your Kyma audio processing unit" error when attempting to launch. I last used Kyma a few mnonths ago, and everything worked fine. Any suggestions?   BTW: I no longer have a way to try the older Firewire 800 conneciton, as I don't have an adapter for Firewire 800 to USB-C, my laptop's only port plan.

Thanks for any advice.

- Brian Belet
asked Jun 6, 2023 in Hardware & Interfaces by bbelet (Practitioner) (490 points)

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What adapter are you using to connect Ethernet to the MacBook Pro (is it the same one you were using when it worked before or is this a new computer)? Are you going directly to your Pacarana or through a router?

From the Apple menu: System Settings, Network: select the adapter that you're using to connect to the Pacarana.

  • Click Details
  • Select TCP/IP from the left column
  • Make sure that "Configure IPv6" is set to "Automatically"
answered Jun 7, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
When I get to Apple menu/System Settings/Network, the only two items listed are Wi-Fi and Firewall. There is no Ethernet listing (I can send a screen shot).
   My hardware setup is unchanged for over three years, including using the same ethernet cable and Apple ethernet <--> Thunderbolt (USB-C) adapter. I connect direct from Pacarana to laptop without a router.  I upgraded OS to Ventura in December 2022.
If you don't see your Ethernet adapter listed, either it has developed a problem or may not be fully plugged in...
Finally got it all working - thanks. I knew that the cable connections were solid - they click audibly at both connections. Back to Network in System Settings: I bravely tried "Add service" under "Other Services." In a pulldown menu I selected Belkin USB-C LAN 2 as it had an Ethernet icon. This allowed my laptop and the Pacarana to shake hands once again. BTW: this Belkin LAN has specs that I cannot edit, and is IPv4 instead of IPv6. Is this significant? Again, thanks. -- BB
I'm experiencing this exact problem as well: I connect to Pacarana from the computer with ethernet and the ethernet-usb adapter, but they're still not connected via the network. In System Settings > Network, they're listed as active but with a yellow light, not green. Changed the cables, restarted everything, what more to do?
Please double-check that you are connected to Expansion Port B of the Pacarana.

If the Ethernet connection is point-to-point between the Mac and the Pacarana, the Yellow light indicates that it is using a self-assigned IP address and should be okay (not an error).