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Help using InterpolatePresets Sound

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Hi all,

Want to make sure I'm doing this right..

When I use an InterpolatePresets Sound (usually near the very end of a signal graph) I occasionally delete it to change some presets. When I re-insert it in the graph and restart the Sound sometimes it seems like the interpolatePresets Sound is not even there: I mean it appears in the graph but not in the VCSand it doesn't respond to physical controllers (in my case the !PenX of a Kyma Control app on an iPad).

This does not happen always but quite frequently..

It is very possible I'm doing somenhing wrong but I would like to pinpoint it..

I'm attaching a Sound where the InterpolatePresets Sounds is not working



asked Jun 18, 2023 in Using Kyma by georgina (Practitioner) (860 points)
edited Jul 15, 2023 by georgina

1 Answer

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The Sound with presets has to be played at least once so it can create a VCS with presets. After that, the InterpolatePresets can find the presets from the input to its left.
answered Jun 18, 2023 by ssc (Savant) (127,080 points)
unfortunately I still do not understand.
What would be the procedure to make the InterpolatePresets Sound work inside the Sound that I attached?
I tried to remove the IP, play the sound then add the IP still no luck...
Sorry for missing the obvious here...
In this particular Sound, the presets are in the rightmost Sound, "Stereo Environment...". (You can tell the presets are there because there is a small "VCS" icon displayed above that Sound.)

Please move the InterpolatePresets Sound to be the rightmost Sound. Then play the "Stereo Environment..." Sound, right-click on the PenZ fader and, from the pop-up menu, choose No for Affected by presets. Now, when you play the InterpolatePresets Sound you will be able to interpolate through your presets using the !Preset fader.
Great, now it makes sense!
thanks for the detailed explaination.