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Pacamara and audio interface disagree on usb sample rate until Kyma opens

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Every time Kyma opens after a cold Pacamara (and audio interface) power up, the selected DSP Status audio and midi interface is "silent device" and I need to reconfigure audio and midi interface selections to get going again, usually requiring at least one power cycle and a software app cycle.

AFAICT, this always-getting-started issue occurs because my (studio wide standard word clocked) audio interface sample rate (48kHz) doesn't match the sample rate the powered-up-cold Pacamara hardware (the usb host hardware) reports back over usb until Kyma starts the DSP Status process.  Because the interface detects that sample rate mismatch, it "disables" the usb host connection until it hears different from the host, until the Kyma software DSP Status process sets the matching 48000 sample rate as the usb host (and transmits that info out over Pacamara's usb audio interface connection).

But by the time DSP Status sends "USB sample rate is 48000" and the interface "unlocks" its usb connection to the host, it seems to be too late from the perspective of the DSP Status process which has already selected "Silent Device" over (I guess) the "last selected audio interface" device connection (saved at previous application shutdown?) and continued its process-startup processing connected to "Silent Device" instead.

By the time I can see the "audio and midi IO" drop downs in DSP Status, my audio interface is always available for selection in all four, but "Silent Device" is always selected instead in all four (until I configure all the correct audio and midi device selections again (in the correct midi-input-first order) and app-cycle [so, for example, the "initializing BCF2000" sysex MIDI message gets sent (and received) properly]).

Obviously my perspective is limited, but I only see two possible ways around this constantly-getting-started-again buzzkill dilemma.  Either, some way to tell the Pacamara hardware to report (to the audio interface over usb) a 48000 usb host sample rate before the Kyma software starts, or some way to tell Kyma to reload the "last known good DSP IO setup" AFTER Kyma shows "Silent Devices" in DSP Status upon application startup. (better yet, a DSP Status preferences system including audio IO config settings, for saving and reloading right in the DSP Status UI audio and midi interface selection configuration presets along with the custom IO routings that go with them)

I'm using an H9000 as Pacamara's audio interface, but this issue seems like it could generally apply to any USB audio interface that can lock to word clock sample rates that don't match Pacamara's hardware default USB sample rate.

Any suggestions?  Other ideas? Are either of my work around ideas possible?
asked Sep 17, 2023 in Hardware & Interfaces by jon-williams (140 points)
We think this may be fixed in the new software update; can you please use the Help menu in Kyma to check for software updates and ensure that you have the newest software and firmware installed? Thanks.
Thanks.  I downloaded and installed the latest updates, including the 09/08 firmware.

It looks like the issue is a little different now. The MIDI IO drop-down menus retained my previous selections after total power off/on cycle, but the audio IO drop-down menus still changed to "Silent Device" so I had to manually select H9000 as the interface again.

Although not perfect, this is a better situation because it doesn't seem to require any extra app or power cycles, just one extra click reselecting the audio interface at every Kyma application startup.  Not ideal, but workable.

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