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Preset space prototype, correct order of cubic space (typo in description)? and more

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In the Preset Space prototype the description lists the following as the order :

(0,0,0)  preset 1
(1,0,0) preset 2
(0,1,0) 3
(0,1,1) 4
(1,0,0) 5
(1,0,1) 6
(1,1,0) 7
(1,1,1) 8



Is the correct order?

(0,0,0)  preset 1 = Lower left, front face of cube
(1,0,0) P 2= Lower right, front
(0,1,0) 3 = Upper left, front
(0,0,1) 4 = lower left , rear 
(0,1,1) 5 = upper left, rear
(1,0,1) 6 = lower right, rear
(1,1,0) 7 = upper right, front
(1,1,1) 8 = upper right, rear


Q2)  Is there anyway to temporarilly suspend the preset space in real time?  I thinking not but I am dreaming up a work around because I really like what I have with the presets I have  but nestled in the transitions between presets I can hear how I would like to fine tune a few "locked off" hot values.

The reason I ask is last evening I ran into a situation where the preset space would not run correctly.   The !x, !Y, !z parameters wouldn't show up in the vcs, despite having played the sound to the left it first and having selected ShowPresetValues, and both combinations of HideVCS selected and deselected.   All of the other !hot parameters from the sounds to the left were active.  So I wonder if I stumbled on a bug or ... a gem :)





asked Sep 6, 2015 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by rafe

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