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Disable Auto-Add VCS?

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When building my Sounds I sometimes modify the range or change the type of a VCS widget but I'm not playing the rightmost module. Then I end up with an embedded VCS when playing the rightmost Sound again. Or some other time I'm adding some module to the right of the signal flow and again I end up with an embedded VCS. What I do now is using the Remove all Embedding function when it happens. When building a Sound this can happen a lot.

Is there a way to add VCS Layouts manually only? In a way that there is only one Master VCS Layout which is always the VCS of the current rightmost module regardless of the position I am in the signalflow and what modules I add? So I could build the Sound and keep modifying and then manually add VCS Layouts where I need embedding?
asked Jan 17, 2015 in General by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)

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There is a way to manually embed the VCS of a Sound in the Sound editor: select the Sound, then from the Action menu, select Add VCS layout.

To protect your work, the default case is to embed whenever you make a change to the range, widget types, layout, or presets.  The idea behind automatic embedding is to prevent people from losing changes.  It's based on the assumption that it is easier for you, as an expert user, to intentionally remove all embedding at the end (Action menu with shift-key held down, choose Remove VCS layout) than it would be for a new user to figure out why they might lose presets or the layout organization when they combine two existing Sounds from the library.

answered Jan 17, 2015 by ssc (Savant) (120,590 points)
selected Jan 18, 2015 by kymaguy
I understand.. But I like the workaround with the shift key held down! I think I can even male a keyboard shortcut in mac os to speed things up! Thanks!