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Can anyone explain this quirky VCS performance?

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In my global map I have the following line:  !BC is: (`MIDIController02 displayAs: #fader). 
I also left in the oringal line from the global map: "!BreathController is: (`MIDIController02 displayAs: #fader)

I wonder if anyone can figure out why my VCS fader will always defaut to "0.5" if I'm using !BC no matter how many times I try to reset the default value to "0" ... ? If I use !BreathController it works as expected. I use MIDI !BreathController a LOT, so I want to reduce my typing. Plus using !BC simplifies the visual display in the VCS. Mostly it's juat a nuisance, but sometimes It can be a real problem if just starting to play a sound triggers a really loud unexpected sound. 


asked Feb 23 in Using Kyma by mark-phillips (Adept) (1,010 points)
edited Feb 25 by mark-phillips
Hi Mark!

We added the line to our global map and tried your Sound and it always seems to come up as 0 and not 0.5.

Which version of Kyma are you using? (You can check this by looking at the top of the Kyma Preferences.)

Interesting … This has been going on for many years, through multiple updates. Since I got a new Macbook Air late last year and started using Kyma again more often, I’ve been keeping up to date on versions. I recently installed what I think is the latest version: 7.42.f2. from 9 February 2024.

At one point I thought maybe it had to do with some value being sent by my MIDI gear. But it happens even when I disconnect my MIDI interface.
So today this issue has been a real pain as I attempt to synchronize multiple triggers running under various replicators. The trigger numbers don’t line up properly. So I’ve been working harder on trying to get to the bottom of this vexing issue. I thought maybe there was something about the combination of letters !BC that was causing an issue, so I tried adding a line with a different variable name:

!B is: (`MIDIController02 displayAs: #fader). Same result. Always starts a 0.5 even though the default preset value is 0.

BUT … (and this gets really odd) if I create the sound using !BreathController it works fine *even after* I change that variable to !BC or !B. However … if I try that same procedure with something like !Value in place of !BreathController and then change the variable to !BC or !B it will always start up with a value of 0.5.

I uploaded some additional demo sounds to the original batch (see original question post above)
Mark, could you please email us your global map file? We'd like to have a look. Thanks!
Sent… sorry for the delay. The email update went to my “junk” folder.

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