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Impulse train

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How might one go about creating an impulse train oscillator? 

... or does it already exist under a different name? 

IDK yet if the solution is obvious. I'm just getting back into Kyma, and looking to try out some techniques I've been using with Faust and Csound, to fuel some inspiration as I get back up to speed.

asked Mar 3 in Sound Design by thom-jordan (Practitioner) (800 points)
edited Mar 4 by thom-jordan
Perhaps a half-wave rectified square wave with a pulse width of one sample?

Putting that in terms of a percentage for setting the duty cycle:

100 / (1/freq • sampleRate)

...or is there some way to set the pulse width by number of samples, directly?

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I would check out the Prototype called PulseTrain.

answered Mar 4 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)
:-)  Thank you, I missed that one !