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MOTU Track 16 forgets ADAT ports - Pacarana with Kyma 7

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Fellow Kyma Users,

i bought a Track 16 to have the smalles ADAT interface for my Pacarana for traveling. In the Studio i use a TC Konnekt 48 since 2009 without any problems. But it is very heavy and big.

The Pacarana itself is connected via Ethernet to my Laptop.

Pacarana <- Firewire -> MOTU Track16 <- ADAT I/O-> Motu MK5 <-MacbookAir

When i startup the MOTU Track 16 (v1.03) connected via firewire to my Pacarana the ADAT ports are not available anymore in Kyma audio setup. :-(

I have to reboot with my Mac conncted via USB, switched them on in the MOTU Setup. Then disconnect and boot with MIC1(for Firewire mode) pressed and with a bit of luck Kyma sees the ADAT I/O in the configuration dialog. If the system is not used it somehow resets itself to disable the ADAT I/O.

I was wondering if there is a trick to hold another button to switch ADAT I/O  on the Track 16 itself, maybe with some buttom combination or hold on boot? Or if it would be possible for SCC to switch ADAT on via the Kyma software on the Track 16  when i enable the "optical" external clock in the DSP window.

Any help is appreciated.

asked May 13 in Hardware & Interfaces by christian-schloesser (Adept) (2,920 points)
Christian, After you set the Track16 to ADAT mode, are you powering it off with the switch (or pulling the USB plug)?
Is there any option in the MOTU Setup to "save configuration"?
Yes. I have to power it off because i can only switch it to firewire while booting by holding MIC1 and Power. (A info i found here on the SSC website).
Do you have a FireWire port available on your computer? It may be that switching the Track16 between FireWire and USB mode resets the optical setting?

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