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Anyone using the AKAI APC 40 with Kyma?

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I'm looking for a nice controller to play live. The APC 40 looks pretty promising. Has anyone used it with Kyma? How about bidirectional control using the ligted buttons? I'm open for other suggestions too, there should be at least 8 channels consisting of 1 fader, 4 buttons, 4 knobs

asked Sep 14, 2015 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
retagged Sep 14, 2015 by kymaguy

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Hi Gustav,

there is even a special adaption for the APC 40 for Kyma from Delora! It should give you all the features of the Motormix within a bit more modern package then the orginal Motormix.

check out:

Douglas support is great and his software works perfectly with Kyma!

Anyway i personaly decided to go for a used Motormix with Kyma because it has those nice flying motorfaders!

Which mean instant recall and hands on even with roll the dice.

But for using Kyma Live i would strongly recommend the APC 40 over the Motormix.

The Motormix is heavy...i mean really heavy. In the studio this is a nice thing.. on the road.. hmm.

I used the APC 40 for some time with my own OSC bridge build with Osculator before i found a JL-Cooper CS 32 MIDI.. which is very very rare but for me still today the best portable controller for Kyma. It is tiny and simple but with Kyma and Osculator it is very very powerful.

Anyway the APC 40 should work smooth with the vKA from Delora and is a fast to setup and a dynamic solution which works with any VCS out of the box..

I hope that helps a bit.


answered Sep 14, 2015 by christian-schloesser (Adept) (2,890 points)
selected Sep 16, 2015 by kymaguy
Oh, I totally forgot about the vKA! Thank you Christian, it helped a lot! Did you manage to use the funky LEDs when using your own OSC bridge?
vKA is no more...