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MultiGrid - Balancing the load on two paca processors

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I guess in MultiGrid the balancing the load of the two paca processors is a little bit different to play a ordinary sound in realtime, isn't it? In my current MultiGrid set I have a huge load on processor one and less on processor two. I've tried to force it to the second processor with ForcedProcessorAssignmment - so far with a littel success by the way. Has anyone common hints for balancing the load on the paca processors while working with MultiGrid?


asked Sep 24, 2015 in Using Kyma by knut-kaulke (Adept) (1,940 points)
retagged Sep 24, 2015 by knut-kaulke
Knut, could you please email us the Multigrid?  We might be able to offer advice after looking at the kinds of Sounds, the polyphony, and controllers.
Do you have cross-fading checked for that track?  If so you could try unchecking that.  
We don't recommend ForcedProcessorAssignment for this case.
yes, i will send you the multigrid by mail. thank you in advance

Hello again,

I would like to ask if there any other opinions for balancing dsp usage. In my Multigrid I have a huge dsp load on processor 1 and next to nothing on processor 2. I know my set is complex computation set but is there any hint to make it more balanced? I've tried several optimization steps like remove/move some tracks, check and uncheck cross-fading, change inputs and outputs, change track routing (bus assignment)... but it has done little to help.

If your Multigrid runs out of real time, it could appear that everything is scheduled on processor 1 because processor 2 was filled so it tries to schedule everything on processor 1.

When the Paca runs out of realtime, the bars in the DSP status are no longer accurate.  We are going to look at fixing this for the next release.

In general, some other things to look at for optimizing your grid would be to reduce the numbers of copies in Replicators, reduce the capture time in Crossfilters, reduce the polyphony in MidiVoices.
ok, thank you!  I'm looking forward to the next release :)

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