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Will MultiGrid-extracted Sounds produce processor overload in the timeline?

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Since the demands on the Pacarana processors are much greater in the MultiGrid (since it has to account for the worst case scenario of combinations of ALL its Sounds, unlike the timeline, which treats overload as a time-based, sequential occurence), the question arises of what happens when a MultiGrid is extracted to a single Sound and this Sound is placed in the timeline.
asked Jan 24, 2015 in Using Kyma by bartonmclean (290 points)

1 Answer

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When you click the Extract Sound button in the Multigrid, you are extracting a single path through the Multigrid—the currently activated Sounds in each Track.  In other words, you are not extracting a Sound with all possible combinations; you are extracting the one combination that is currently active.

The demands placed on the Pacarana by a Sound extracted by the Multigrid are no different from any other Sound you might construct by hand.  Its computational cost, like any other Sound, depends upon the types and the numbers of modules within it.
answered Jan 24, 2015 by ssc (Savant) (125,820 points)