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HRTF recording

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Starting from a topic on the forum regarding binaural mixdown i was wondering:

How does one go about recording his own HRTF's ?

Is it just the recoding of an impulse-response from in-ear heaphones ?

Doesn't this also include the sound of room?

Is there another techinique? a sinewave sweep? somthing totally different?


asked Nov 11, 2015 in General by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (810 points)

1 Answer

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Usually you use a turntable (not the DJ ones, rather a moving plate) on which you place a chair to sit on. Then you record IRs at each position (turning the table, leaving the loudspeaker where it is). Be careful not to move too much. Moving the loudspeaker up and down lets you record different heights. And yes, the room is part of the impulse response, so for a true HRTF you're going to record it in a "dead room". sweeps are common practice as far as I know.. Lots of work :)

answered Nov 11, 2015 by kymaguy (Virtuoso) (10,580 points)
For anyone who would like me to lend them my ears ;) here are my pinna responses recorded in my studio (not an anechoic chamber!)
Thanks Gustav, it does seem more complicated than what i would have thought :)
it's not that complicated - it's just lots of work :)
Indeed i meant a lot of work, especially if you are interested in capturing the height as well.
I think i am going to try ssc's ears first...

i wonder though if there is a way to design these, using physical measurements instead of recording them....