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Preset space holding Z

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Using the wacom tablet along the presetSpace prototype the z parameter drops to zero when the pen is not pressing the surface. This is a useful behaviour in some cases but in others not.

Is there a way to hold that value when releasing the pen?

The attached sound holds the !penZ value using the WhileTrue expression but when used as the z parameter in presetSpace or somewhere in the sound chain x and y parameters dissapear.Renaming didn't help....

asked Dec 5, 2015 in Using Kyma by greg-grigoropoulos (Practitioner) (740 points)
Have you tried experimenting with trackAndHold:?  For example

!PenDown trackAndHold: !PenZ

would track Z while the pen is down and hold its last value when the Pen goes up.  The only problem is that PenZ drops when the Pen goes up so it may hold a low (or zero) value of Z.  So you could try making the "track" condition based on either or:

(!PenDown + (!PenZ gt: 0.5)) asLogicValue trackAndHold: !PenZ

That way, the held value of Z will be 0.5.

How were you planning to use the Z value?
Terribly sorry for the delay, i hadn't seen that you answered :(
Yes i tried both solutions but somehow none of the behaves like x and y (there is some lag where it might reset to zero).
What i need is to stay in place.
For example i might have some sort of continuous spectrum sound where i am moving between the presets in some sort of performance. When i find something i like i'd like to keep the moment and perhaps jump into another place when i see fit..
Going back to some z value does not exactly solve this because i do not know before hand which value i'd like (if i did it would be a preset as well :) )

Is there perhaps  a way i can alter the preset space and adjust it so that z behaves like x and y in that respect ?

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!PenZ is a little different from !PenX and !PenY in that it is impossible not to change !PenZ when the pen goes up.  In other words, !PenDown and !PenZ are confounded with one another.

One possible solution is to use !PenButton1 to decide when to hold the current value, for example:

!PenButton1 trackAndHold: !PenZ

You could, in fact, track and hold all three values (X, Y, Z) whenever you press the PenButton1.

answered Jan 4, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (109,680 points)