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How do I set up a Seaboard Rise to work with Kyma?

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Could someone please advice on how to connect and setup Seaboard rise with kyma? Is it possible to connect directly to the usb-port on the pacarana? So far I have used kymaconnect, and midiactivity shows in the "show midi messages" in midi configuration, but the actual sounds only respond to one note at a time at best, and in a most irregular way.


Audun K

asked Jan 14, 2016 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by audun-kleive (120 points)

Have you tried using the ROLI Dashboard to put the Rise into MPE mode?

They suggest:

  • Channel Mode: Multi-Channel
  • MPE: On
  • A Channel Range of 2-16
  • Pitch Bend Range: 24


Hi, and thanks for your answer!
Yes, this is what I do, more or less, although with a smaller ch-range. Kyma does report multichannel midi activity when ported through kymaconnect, but kyma does not see the seaboard at pacaranas usb port.
I thought maybe the implementation of linnstrument and MPE also covered this controller? I hoped it would be more "plug and play", but I guess I have to put in some oldfashioned work again.

Ps: feel absolutely free to point me in a smart direction for learning how to do this. It would probably do a lot of good jobs with kymasounds..Ds
...with roli dashboard as adviced, any keyboardsound in kyma plays just one note..all the rest of the keys does nor work, even if multich activity still shows activity on all channels.

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The current version of Kyma 7 provides plug-and-play compatibility with the ROLI RISE.

  • Connect the RISE via a USB cable to the USB port on the back of the Pacarana.
  • Open the DSP Status window and select the RISE as the MIDI input device.
  • In DSP>Configure MIDI, make sure Continuum and MPE Compatible are turned on.

KeyTImbre is front back, KeyPitch is left right. 

answered Jun 11, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (119,300 points)
my current version is 7.07f5 and in contrast to Continuum and LinnStrument unfortunately at least the ROLI Seaboard RISE 49 does not work in the expected manner. Kyma/Pacarana receives and recognizes all Key and CC MIDI events on the different channels from 2 till 16, but does not bring them together into MPE functionality, i.e. does not map them to !KeyDown, !KeyPitch, !KeyVelocity, !KeyTimbre on Kyma default channel (I assume that also setting the polyphony automatically does not work). The ROLI is configured as it must be for MPE.

All the best,
Hi Eckard, do you have the RISE directly connected via USB cable to the back of the Pacarana?
Yes, and it is displayed as "Seaboard Rise 49" in the DSP Status window.
Ah ok, we finished the RISE support code prior to the introduction of the Rise 49.  We will update the check in the next Kyma 7 update.  Sorry, I had not realized that it was reporting a different name than the original RISE.  Could you give us the *exact* name that it reports (including upper/lower case letters).  Thanks!
Hi, the exact name in DSP Status Window is: "Seaboard RISE 49 (USB)".
Thanks for your help, Eckard!
Hi, just to complete the story: with the recent firmware update (7.07f7) it works now also with ROLI Seaboard RISE 49, if the Seaboard is connected directly to Paca(rana) and the settings are done as described. Thanks for the update with corrections. Different to Continuum or LinnStrument it doesn't work through KymaConnect though.
I was wondering since I recently bought one as well. Have you also managed to  get release velocity and aftertouch that way?
The velocity is continuously updating (Kyma is not tracking separate values for release velocity and aftertouch).