Do not install any Behringer drivers on your computer. If you have already installed the driver, remove it using the uninstall option on the Macintosh (or Disable it in Windows).

The first time you use the FIREPOWER, you may need to switch it from USB mode to FireWire mode:

  1. Check the USB/FW LED; if it lights up red (meaning FireWire), you are done.
  2. Otherwise, remove all cables from the FIREPOWER.
  3. Press and hold the DIGITAL SELECT button while applying power to the FIREPOWER.
  4. When the USB/FW LED lights up red, release the DIGITAL SELECT button.
  5. The FIREPOWER is now programmed for FireWire mode. Repeat this procedure if you need to switch back to USB mode.

You can just plug and play using the FireWire port, no drivers are needed.