When registering a Kyma system for an organization, you should register the software in the name of the organization rather than in the name of an individual.

Kyma accesses the web for two functions:

  1. To provide access to the Questions and Answers and Community Sound Library
  2. To provide software updates

first-time-4For an individual, there’s no separation between these two functions, but for an organization like a university or a studio, you may prefer to control access to these two functions independently.

For example, a university may wish to allow students to freely access the online support and community library from the Help menu without having to enter a password. To do this, register a group login name and password and check the box that says Save password.

On the other hand, you may prefer that individual students or studio users not update the software (especially in a lab or studio setting where one machine could get out of sync with other machines in the same studio or classroom).

In that case, set the Kyma Preferences (Registration section) to require a password for software updates. That way, your students can access the web transparently (without entering a password), while only you and your trusted assistants know the password.  Since updating requires re-entering the password, you can control when and where the updates are done.

If you don’t mind allowing students access to both software updates and online help, then leave the Kyma Preferences in the default state (so no password is required for installing software updates).

If you don’t wish the students to have access to either the online support or the software updates, you can accomplish this by not checking the box that says Save password.