Kyma Control bundles four of the most popular Kyma controller-types into one, wireless multi-touch package that includes:

  • a multi-touch pen/tablet controller
  • a labelled, auto-mapped, bi-directional mirrored controller/display of Kyma’s Virtual Control Surface
  • a standard piano-style keyboard with discrete or continuous pitches and an extra dimension for !KeyTimbre control in Kyma
  • a Tonnetz pitch-space keyboard for experimenting with different pitch layouts
  • plus accelerometer and compass-heading controls

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Connecting your Pacamara or Paca(rana) to a Wireless Network

There are several approaches:

  • Use the Pacamara’s built-in Wi-Fi access point
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Pacamara or Paca(rana) to the wireless router you already use in your studio
  • Connect your Paca(rana) to its own wireless router (for example the Asus WL330gE Portable Wireless Access Point)
  • Use Delora’s KymaConnect, your Mac’s built-in WiFi, and an Ethernet cable between your computer and the Pacamara or Paca(rana)

Troubleshooting the Network Connection

In order for the Pacamara or Paca(rana) and the iPad to find each other, they must be on the same network. Sometimes wireless routers use different addresses for wired and wireless connections and this would mean that the Pacamara or Paca(rana) and the iPad would be on different networks.

You can check the addresses by going to Settings on the iPad, choose Wi-Fi settings, tap the blue arrow next to your network name (to get more information) and read the IP Address and Subnet Mask.

Then, on the Paca(rana), you can tap Help on the front panel, and scroll all the way to the last entry where you will see the Paca(rana)’s IP Address and Subnet Mask.

The Paca(rana) and the iPad are on the same network (and therefore can find each other) if the Subnet Masks are the same, and if the first part of the IP Addresses of the iPad and the Paca(rana) match (depending on the Subnet Mask value). A Subnet Mask of means that the first three components of the IP Addresses must match, a mask of means that the first two components of the IP Address must match, etc.

For example, if the Subnet Mask is, then and are on the same network, but and are not on the same network.

If the IP Addresses show that the Paca(rana) and iPad are on different networks, alter the settings of your router to make the wireless and wired connections share the same range of IP addresses.