The Paca(rana) works with MOTU Hybrid interfaces via FireWire only, not USB.

If you plan to alternate between using the MOTU as your computer’s audio I/O and using it as the Paca(rana) I/O, please see these instructions. Only one computer (either your host computer or the Pacarana computer) can talk to the MOTU at any one time.

To use your MOTU exclusively with the Paca(rana), please do not install the MOTU driver and other MOTU software. If you have already installed the driver, remove the software using the uninstall option in the MOTU installer.

Reset the settings

Before using the MOTU interface with the Paca(rana), it is necessary to reset the interface’s settings.

  1. Press the VOL button momentarily to power up the interface.
  2. Wait for it to go through its power up sequence; at this point it should show Meter on the display.
  3. Press PARAM three times; it should momentarily show SETUP and then LCD Contrast.
  4. Rotate PARAM clockwise until the display reads Factory Defaults Push [VALUE].
  5. Press the VALUE button. It will display Are you sure? [VALUE].
  6. Press VALUE once again.
  7. The interface will display Initializing… and then return to the Meter display.

Note that the instructions for your interface may differ slightly from those listed above. Please visit the MOTU support page for the exact instructions.

Configure the Internal Mixer and Effects

The MOTU interface includes a built-in mixer and audio effects that can be controlled via its front panel interface. Advanced users may want to experiment with these settings to take advantage of the mixer and effects.

Setting up Track16 Optical I/O

Special thanks to Knut Kaulke for the following tip!

If you reset the Track16 to its Factory Defaults, the unit will have no Optical I/O. If you would like use the optical I/O with Kyma you should do the following:

  1. Install MOTU’s Audio Driver
  2. Open MOTU Audio Setup and select ADAT Optical for Optical Input and Optical OutputPictured above.
  3. If you plan to alternate between using the MOTU as your computer’s audio I/O and using it as the Paca(rana) I/O, please see these instructions. Otherwise, you should remove the installed MOTU software from the following folders:


    Macintosh HD/Applications/:

    MOTU Audio
    MOTU PCI Audio

    Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/:

    Motu MIDI Driver.plugin

    Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions/:

    Motu MIDI Driver.kext

    Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions/:

    Motu MIDI Driver.kext

    Macintosh HD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Preferences/:

    MOTU FireWire Console.prefs

    Macintosh HD/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/MOTU/:

    CueMix FX

If the MOTU Interface is not visible in Kyma

Recent MOTU Hybrid interfaces, like the 4Pre or Ultralite, will not be visible in Kyma if the interface is turned on before the Paca(rana) has been turned on. To be sure that the Paca(rana) will be able to use these interfaces, turn on the Paca(rana) first, then turn on the audio interface.

When using the MOTU Track16 with a Paca(rana) connected to the computer by Ethernet (rather than by FireWire), use the following procedure for powering up the Track16: hold down the Mic1 button while pressing and releasing the Power button. Continue to hold the Mic1 button until the outward expanding vertical columns of indicator lights pause (roughly 5 seconds), then release the Mic1 button.

If the MOTU Interface is still not showing up in the Audio Input or Audio Output lists in the DSP Status window, it may be that the computer has taken control of the MOTU and will not let the Paca(rana) use it.

If the interface is not connected to the computer’s FireWire port, some MOTU interfaces will not recognize the FireWire connection to the Paca(rana); to correct this, make sure that the MOTU is set to FireWire mode (rather than USB mode); this can be found under the Settings accessed from the MOTU’s front panel controls (Ultralite mk3 Hybrid, for example).

On the Mac, start Audio MIDI Setup (found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder) and make sure that the MOTU is not set to be the Mac’s audio input or output device.

On Windows, start the Device Manager and make sure that the MOTU driver is disabled.

Special Notes for the Ultralite mk3 Hybrid

The power and FireWire ports on the Ultralite mk3 Hybrid are placed very closely together, so close that many FireWire cables are too wide for both the power and FireWire cables to be plugged in straight.

If the FireWire cable is plugged in at an angle, it is possible that the FireWire port of the Ultralite or Paca(rana) could be damaged.


To avoid damage to the Ultralite and to the Paca(rana), we suggest using a sharp knife (like an X-Acto knife or a box cutter) to trim the plastic shell of the FireWire connector (as shown below) so that the cables can be plugged in straight.

After the connector has been trimmed, the cables can be plugged straight into the Ultralite: