The Orpheus is an eight channel audio interface that comes with a control panel for configuration. The interface can be used with the Paca(rana) if the control panel and drivers have been installed.

We recommend connecting your FireWire cables in one of these two ways:

  1. one cable from computer to Orpheus; another cable from computer to Paca(rana)
  2. one cable from computer to Orpheus; another cable from Orpheus to Paca(rana)

We recommend using an Input to Output delay of 10 ms or more when using the Orpheus. To set the Input to Output delay, use the Configure drop down menu in the DSP Status window.

Complete installation and usage instructions for the Orpheus software can be found in the User’s Guide provided with the interface. Please follow the instructions there for installing the software. Once the software is installed, you can use it to configure the Orpheus.

Make sure that the Orpheus is not selected as the computer’s audio interface when using the Orpheus as the Paca(rana) audio interface. (Refer to the Orpheus user guide for instructions on how to select the Orpheus as the computer’s interface — the Orpheus will not be automatically selected.) If the Orpheus is selected as both the Paca(rana)’s and the computer’s audio interface simultaneously, the Paca(rana) may crash.

When the Paca(rana) is turned on and the the Orpheus is selected as its audio interface, the Paca(rana) will take over the Orpheus and prevent audio from being transferred between the Orpheus and the computer. When the Paca(rana) is turned off (or disconnected from your computer), the Orpheus can be used as the audio interface for your computer (if selected in the appropriate control panel).