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What MIDI message do I send to roll the dice in the Multigrid VCS?

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asked Sep 19, 2016 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by anne-la-berge (Adept) (1,970 points)

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Hi Anne,

MIDI Program Change 128 rolls the dice on the top level of the visible Virtual Control Surface (VCS).  You can send it on the same channel you have selected for sending preset changes.  You can select that channel from the DSP menu > Configure MIDI and change VCS Presets Program Changes Channel:

answered Sep 19, 2016 by ssc (Savant) (115,770 points)
selected Nov 10, 2016 by anne-la-berge
Yes sending 128 on a designated VCS Presets Program Changes Channel works to roll the dice on all the sounds that are selected in the VCS.

When I click the dice at the top of the main VCS something wonderful happens. It switches only the presets in the selected sounds randomly. I prefer this since I have made a set of presets in each sound that work well rather than having all the MIDI controlled parameters in the sounds changed. I've circled in pink the dice that does this (changes the presets in the sounds vs. all the parameters). Any ideas?
Sending the program change should do exactly what clicking the button in the VCS does.

However, if you have the "all seeing eye" VCS selected, rolling the dice will also change the individual controls in the Grid Controls, Mixer Controls, and Shared Controls embedded layouts. This could result in different Sounds being selected and the levels and pans being set to random values.

To avoid this, click on the name of each of those embedded layouts in the VCS (Grid Controls, Mixer Controls, and Shared Controls); this will make those embedded layouts ignore the dice (which is indicated by the gray layout name).
Sending the program change does not do exactly what clicking the button in the VCS does. Interesting!
Clicking the Dice button changes the VCS presets in each of the sounds. Sending MIDI 128 changes the parameters in the sounds as if each individual dice button in each individual sound was clicked. I've made 3 screen shots of both cases. They are here:

Maybe sending the MIDI 128 is just changing the presets in each sound but it is not updating the screen?

Thanks loads for your patience with this. It is important in my live impro set up!
Thanks, Anne, it turns out that it is choosing the Preset but the name of the preset was not getting updated unless the VCS is the frontmost window.  This has been fixed in the next upcoming update to Kyma.  In the meantime, if you click in the VCS to bring it to the front, it should behave as you expect and as you would like it to be behave.  Thanks for finding the problem and bring it to our attention so we could correct it!