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Is there a Text Widget or a way to style tick mark labels?

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I'm looking for a way to show big labels in my VCS based upon an index. I know that ImageDisplay is one way, but all I want to display is text (text changes with each new index). The text displays a new Chord name (e.g. Em7) with each new index. I know that Tick Marks & Labels is one option; yet, I'm looking to make the text appear big in the VCS (so I can see during performance). All I can find is styling for the Main Label, not Tick Labels. Short of making images of text, anyone done this type of text styling before?

Goal: display large text (chord name) when I change an index.

asked Jan 25, 2017 in Using Kyma by jonbellona (Adept) (1,300 points)
I currently have this working using ImageDisplay, but making changes is time consuming (any text change requires making a new image). I'm curious if others have done this without using ImageDisplay?

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Hi Jon, at this point, your ImageDisplay solution is the best approach.  You could change a Fader with labeled tic marks into a SelectionFromList (and change the selection using a SoundToGlobalController).  This is easier to see than the tic marks (although there is not a way to increase the size from its default size).
answered Jan 25, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (122,020 points)