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Algorithmic Constructor question

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I'm trying to design a Class which will delay an arbitrary ammount of input Sounds with a different delay factor in the order they appear at the Inputs collection.


I've used a SoundCollectionVariable in the Mixer and was hoping to index through it, and pass those input sounds to my custom delay Class.

But this doesn't work.. What I am trying to avoid is to end up with duplicate versions of each input Sound.

Could SSC guide us on how to do this correctly?

asked Apr 27, 2017 in Capytalk & Smalltalk by cristian-vogel (Master) (8,370 points)
retagged Sep 21, 2018 by cristian-vogel

2 Answers

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Try moving the Mixer to the right of the Script and use the SoundCollectionVariable's name directly in the Script:

answered Apr 28, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (119,300 points)
selected Apr 28, 2017 by cristian-vogel
.............Tusind tak!
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Here's what I created using this technique. I hope you enjoy it.
answered Apr 28, 2017 by cristian-vogel (Master) (8,370 points)