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Wacom Intuos Pro M not working driver 6.3.25-2

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Dear all,

I have just acquired a Wacom Intuos Pro M to use with Kyma and installed the latest driver (6.3.25-2) and can't seems to get Kyma 7 (up-to-date as well) to recognise it.

Whether I connect the Wacom directly to one of the Paca's usb ports or whether I connect it to my macbook's usb port - the wacom does not show up in Kyma 7's pen status window and none of the sounds using pen control recognise the wacom. I can only use the wacom as a mouse, when it is connected to the macbook's usb port

I saw previous posts about driver issues posted earlier in 2017 and I am surprised this is still an issue.

Anybody else having this problem?

Thank you in advance for any help!
asked Nov 4, 2017 in Controllers, OSC & MIDI by ben-lukas-boysen (120 points)
edited Nov 4, 2017 by ben-lukas-boysen
I was just about to buy a wacom so I'm very interested in the answer to this. Btw, I love your music Ben. Have you had a Kyma system long?
We have been in contact with Wacom, but they have not as yet fixed the problem in their most recent driver.

While Wacom works on their driver, one thing you could try is to select Preferences from the Edit menu in Kyma, click the Wacom button, and choose "Do not click, but control cursor" in the Cursor Behavior section. Then quit Kyma and start it up again to see if you can use the pen to control Sounds.

2 Answers

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You have to downgrade the driver software. The newest driver is not working(yet).
answered Nov 6, 2017 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,350 points)
Hi Roland
Are you able to confirm what driver should work with the Pro M? I've tried the latest (6.3.25-2), the one before (6.3.24-1) and I've tried one for a previous version of the Intuos Pro (6.3.19-10).  On 6.3.25-2 I have managed to get some very intermittent success following SSC's advice above (although mine actually responded when do not click or cursor control was selected).  It's in no way reproducible however and i've spent several hours this morning to no avail trying to get this to work.  Can anyone offer any guidance on how to correctly downgrade an Intuos Pro M (2017 ed.) and get it working.  Otherwise i have a very expensive brick.  Thanks
Hi Roland,
Thanks for the tip, but I am in the same boat as ghood : unless I am doing something wrong in the downgrading, an older driver doesn't help solve the problem. In fact, the first time I re-installed the previous driver I downloaded from the Wacom website, my Intuos Pro M did not work at all anymore - not even as a normal "mouse pointer" in mac os...
Hi Ben,

I'm working on Windows 10 Wacom driver 26.3.25-3 on Intuos Pro.
For Mac this is Driver 5.3.7-6 (10.9x - 10.12x)

I had installed a newer driver. I had to remove this driver first before this one could talk with the Wacom again.
Hi Ben,

I'm working on Windows 7 Wacom Driver 6.3.22-6 on Intuos Pro.

I've tried a newer driver without success..
Thanks all.  The problem that I encountered was that the old drivers did not seem to work with the 2017 version Wacom Intuos Pro - it kept saying device not attached after downgrading.  I managed to return my brand new 2017 version to Amazon and have a second hand (cheaper!) 2015 version coming...I believe that can use the old drivers...fingers crossed.  The Wacom website is terrible...some pages seemingly only visible by google search!
What a disappointment Ben. This is the page to download the Wacom drivers and on the left there's a live-chat button:
I'm not Ben, I just somewhat hijacked his thread as had same problem (sorry Ben).
The 5.3 7-6 driver is listed as previous generation product driver not for the intuos pro. So their website pretty confusing in my opinion but maybe it's just me! Also, are you sure that works on the 2017 version?
Anyway hopefully the 2015 version intuos pro will work. I'm still unclear whether anyone successfully has the newest intuos pro 2017, version working on mac even if it's too late for me.
Thanks for all help.
Hi Geoff, sorry I was calling you Ben.
Have you tried to chat with Wacom via the chat-button?
No problem at all Roland, just wanted to point out :) I've not 2015 wacom arrived tomorrow so I'll try that if I can't get it working (although sounds like I should be ok).
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We did some tests and can confirm that Wacom Driver 6.3.23-3 is working well with the Intuos Pro (PTH-860).

The Wacom should be connected to the Mac (not to the USB port on the Paca(rana)).

In Kyma, Edit>Preferences, click Wacom Tablet Preferences and set:

Cursor Behavior: Do not click, but control cursor

That is a workaround for the bug that Wacom introduced in their newer Drivers.

(The very latest Wacom driver (6.3.25-2) does not work with Kyma at all and we are just about to report this to Wacom; however their driver 6.3.23-3 works well with the new tablets once you set the preferences as indicated).
answered Nov 14, 2017 by ssc (Savant) (127,180 points)
Hey thanks SSC that's good news!
 any idea when 6.25.3-3 will be out? On the Wacom website the latest available one is 6.3.25-2
bests and thanks again for looking into this!