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Help with Motu 828 MK3 since last update...

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Hello.. Since i have updated my system, i now have an issue where , when i select the MOTU for audio I/O my DSP maxes out and i get an OUT OF REAL TIME message in red.. Changing firewire cables doesnt seem to help. Everything is up to date with current firmware and kyma versions.
asked Jan 17 in Hardware & Interfaces by carlg23 (180 points)
edited Jan 17 by carlg23
If you wait for a few seconds, does the OUT OF REAL TIME message go away?

What is the clock source in the DSP Status window? What sample rate are you using?
If i wait .. It does not go away.. My sample rate is 44.1k and the DSP meters are completely maxed out too..
In DSP Status window, is the selected Clock Source set to "Internal"?
Yes it is set to internal
We received this update from Carl:

"I loaded the MOTU drivers onto another computer , same problem existed, I then was instructed by Dave at MOTU power down, connect via USB and then power on. The 828 connected for the first time, without error.. After that i power cycled again ths time disconnecting the USB and connecting the FW800 cable. This also now worked ,I moved the now funcioning unit to my kyma connected system and all was running smooth.. Looks like this usb kickstart helped get it all going somehow.. Wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this peculiar issue."
Wow!        Carl +++

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I had it a few times with my Moto.

A rescan solved my situation

answered Feb 13 by roland-kuit (Adept) (1,570 points)
okay, so never knew about the Rescan (thanks)....
Had the same issue with my ultralite mk3. Manually setting "Interface Mode: FireWire" on the front panel of the Motu (Param-Button) solved it for me…