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Overdub with MemoryWriter(s)

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Is it possible to overdub using MemoryWriters (e.g. a loop with MemoryWriter/Sample where additional sound material can be added without wiping out the original recorded material)? And if yes: how could it be done?
asked Feb 2 in Sound Design by explodingtickets (Practitioner) (740 points)

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Here is an example of overdubbing using a single MemoryWriter with SimultaneousRead checked. (This will work later this week after the next software update.)

answered Feb 21 by ssc (Savant) (79,620 points)
selected Feb 23 by explodingtickets
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There is no 'overdub' function in a MemoryWriter but you could feed the output of whatever is playing back the written memory and your overdub source into a mixer that is then put into the same (or different) memory writer.

Using a different memory writer (with a different recording name) to capture the mix of original and overdub would preserve the original recording.
Hope this helps
answered Feb 4 by sean-flannery (Adept) (1,190 points)
Thanks for the answer. Using a mixer with new material plus the audio stream coming from playing a MemoryReader, which feeds the same MemoryWriter, I've already tried before posing the question. As you say: this destroys the original recording. Using a different MemoryWriter could work (I didn't try it till now) for one overdub; but what's about the second, third etc. iteration? I think the crucial point is the alignment of the sample start of the looping MemoryReader and the start of recording of the overdub (using the same trigger would cause a jump in the reader); the recording must start with one sample delay not before reaching again the sample start in the reader; but I don't currently know any possibility to detect the sample start ... thus maybe using two different MemoryWriters and explicit bouncing into a third one is the only solution for now ...