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password not accepted

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Tried to update Kyma this morning, but log in from Help menu didn't work,

Kyma says that that log-in name and pw mismatch
ok, changed pw (from Kyma, Forgot Password option),
logged in through web browser to SymS site with new pw, no problem,
restarted Kyma, entered newly acquired pw,
but again warning that log-in name and pw mismatch.
And although I'm already logged in to SymS, she won't let me update, declaring constantly that log-in name and pw mismatch.

Shortly, SymS site acknowledge my new pw, Kyma don't.
So I can't update.

Help, please


osx 10.6
asked Feb 3, 2018 in General by samuel-sacher (Practitioner) (510 points)
I'm getting a simillar problem after check for software updates (Win 10).

In Kyma I'm prompted to login with a password and when I supply the password (which has never been changed) I get an error message saying "Login or password do not match"
I tried clicking the 'forgot password' button and appear to have successfully changed the password (I re-entered the same old password) and got a confirmation email saying I have successfully changed password but am still unable to get past the login prompt when I check for software updates.

Clicking cancel works though ;)

Thank you, C+K!
This explains why I could not install/register my software at all. All working now!

2 Answers

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All fine now.

Thanks C + K,
answered Feb 7, 2018 by roland-kuit (Master) (3,090 points)
Same problem on old Mac G5 running 10,5.8. No problem on Windows machine.
They’ve given me a new password which again works on Windows machine but not on Mac.What was the answer?
Have to say their support is fantastic but just checking here as well.
Again this issue.
I can log in via Internet, not with the Kyma software (Windows 10).
Password not recognized.
It's working again. I can reach this site and update Kyma again, when there's one.
Hi all, I'm having the same issue - Login or password do not match. Changed password on SSC site. Still not access. Am in the middle of a recording session. HEEELLLLPPPPP!
Hi Craig, if you are in a recording session, do you need the update?
Does your Kyma + hardware work?
You can check your Kyma folder if there is the Kyma set-up file.
I have one in my Win10 Kyma folder.
Or open Kyma with Capslock down, choose other Kyma version or reset preferences.
Hi Roland, I am running Kyma 7, so an update is very much overdue. Paca works fine. When first book it did ask to locate the Overview file (which it has never done before). Clock is good.
Sometimes I had the same, more due a slow computer. You can 'kill' the overview file in your prefs at Miscellaneous.
Thanks Roland. Cant even open Kyma 7 not allowing access. Will have to run Kyma 6, and back track for a Kyma 7 install
Bummer, success Graig!
I'm Mac. have ordered one from SSC - lets see if it works. bw c
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If your Kyma 7.1 application is not up to date, it could be using an incompatible security protocol. To update under these circumstances, download a new software installer by following the link you saved when you first requested the software update.

(If you did not save the email with the link, please contact us. Thanks!)
answered Aug 15, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (115,850 points)
Thank you k+c. You saved my session. It was exactly as you say, and thanks for the link.
And the recording sounds superb. Looking forward to mixing and then releasing Black Cats And Blues with Craig Hultgren.
Thanx c+k and Kyma.
what was the fix for this?

Same issue - can log in via browser but credentials rejected by update function within kyma app. it has previously worked. Kyma app and browser on same computer. I have not changed password.

any help appreciated.

thank you.