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Kyma 7.21f1 issues with MOTU Ultralite Mk3

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Can't get them to work in 7.21f1, the combo was working correcty before the Kyma/Pacarana software upgrade running 7.20f13.  

Having host connect/disconnect issues  in my Pacarana.    Pacarana on, id's MacBook Pro/Kyma correctly as host, but when I turn on the Ultralite, the Pacarana gets confused as to which one is the host, and a slew of connect/disconnect events ensues --  soon after a message appears indicating that the Pacarana either needs to be reloaded or the Pacarana is unreachable.   

Ruled out cables, they are all bilingual from and are a very good fit, no cable wobbling as far as I can determine.  The Pacarana/Ultralite combo was working before the Kyma/Pacarana software upgrade.  Pacarana is racked at a 30-degree angle (was flat before), not sure that would have anythnig to do with it.  Other than that, not sure what is going on as everything else seems to be the same.

Help/pointers appreciated as I am dead in the water.   Thanks!
asked Mar 29, 2018 in Hardware & Interfaces by bill-sequeira (120 points)
I was trying to set up an Ultralite Mk3 for the first time in a portable Kyma rig and have run into issues. The symptoms for me are that Kyma sees the interface, when i select it, it thinks for a while then does not obtain control of it.

I (think) I have unistalled the kexts and stuff ...
Hi Cristian,

Have you tried doing a factory reset of the Ultralite (with the Pacarana off) and then power cycling the MOTU?

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Please run the Audio MIDI Setup app. Confirm that the MOTU is not being used for sound input, output, or alert sounds. Thanks!
answered Mar 29, 2018 by ssc (Savant) (93,320 points)
Although the Ultralite wasn't listed, looks like running Audio MIDI Setup got them working together again!  Working like a charm again.  Pacarana is giving me a "you fool" look... Thanks!
Spoke to soon.  Happened again.  This time Kyma did a core dump.  Anyone I can send the core dump for examination?
The same issue continues... as soon as the Ultralite comes on line, and it is chosen as the audio interface, the Pacarana starts displaying the disconnect/connect messages.  I am able to get some audio out of it, but it starts/stops until it stops completely, then a message in Kyma appears indicating that it can't find the Pacarana any longer.  Puzzled.
Please send the System Report file (Apple menu>About this Mac>System Report...) by email to support at symbolic sound dot com so we can see what might be interfering and give you a few more tests to try. Thanks!
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Please see the update to the notes on MOTU interfaces

Recently manufactured MOTU Hybrid interfaces, like the 4Pre or Ultralite, will not be visible in Kyma if the interface is turned on before the Paca(rana) has been turned on. To be sure that the Paca(rana) will be able to use these interfaces, turn on the Paca(rana) first, then turn on the audio interface.

If the MOTU Interface is still not showing up in the Audio Input or Audio Output lists in the DSP Status window, it may be that the computer has taken control of the MOTU and will not let the Paca(rana) use it.

On the Mac, start Audio MIDI Setup (found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder) and make sure that the MOTU is not set to be the Mac’s audio input or output device.

On Windows, start the Device Manager and make sure that the MOTU driver is disabled.

Special Notes for the Ultralite mk3 Hybrid

The power and FireWire ports on the Ultralite mk3 Hybrid are placed very closely together, so close that many FireWire cables are too wide for both the power and FireWire cables to be plugged in straight.

If the FireWire cable is plugged in at an angle, it is possible that the FireWire port of the Ultralite or Paca(rana) could be damaged.


To avoid damage to the Ultralite and to the Paca(rana), we suggest using a sharp knife (like an X-Acto knife or a box cutter) to trim the plastic shell of the FireWire connector (as shown below) so that the cables can be plugged in straight.

After the connector has been trimmed, the cables can be plugged straight into the Ultralite:


answered Mar 1 by ssc (Savant) (93,320 points)
Hello! It seems that my Ultralite Mk3 just stopped working today. Last night I disconnected the Firewire to use it as a USB interface with a different computer - all was well. Today when I unplugged the USB and plugged the Firewire back in, the Paca doesn't recognize it. I *think* the cable is fine. I've tried turning on the Paca first, and also the MOTU first, but no joy - I also ran Audio/Midi Setup. Any advice is appreciated!

Update - I reset the MOTU to factory defaults and now it works!