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Are you interested in the NeverEngineLabs™ Open Day on July 1st 2015 ?

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To celebrate the launch of the second virtual Lab, we are having a FREE 24 hour open day on

Wednesday July 1st 2015

Read more and sign up at the following form

asked Jun 26, 2015 in General by cristian-vogel (Master) (8,370 points)
This stuff is just fantastic Cristian. Thankyou thankyou thankyou  :)
Many thanks Sean and to all our visitors!

To anyone who missed the Open Day, please check the website at

to discover what its all about.  

Subscriptions are currently open for Signal Symbol Lab and Complexity Lab. Rhythmic Computation Lab is currently in development and will be the next to go live.

"Launching August 2015: The Rhythmic Computation Lab brings over 20 years experience in designing and performing with drum comptuers, percussive sound and rhythm generators. All exclusively for the NeverEngine Labs.
From the patch that started it all off ‘The NeverEngine’ (2007) to the latest in multidimensional Euclidean and stochastic generators, there will be plenty of new beats and techniques to discover."

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